Our Services

We help students with:

  1. University Selection
  2. Application Checking
  3. Essay Editing
  4. Interview Preparation
  5. Visa Counseling

We help

-  High School students apply to international universities for their bachelors level education (under-graduate counselling)
-  Under-graduate students apply to international universities for their masters level education (graduate counselling)
-  Freshers and experienced professionals apply to international business schools for their MBA and related professional programmes (MBA counselling)
- We support PhD applicants with statement of purpose editing and resume building. PhD applicants are encouraged to network with international universities independently to determine their interest in recruiting them. This is the most effective admission and scholarship strategy as PhD level candidates have very specialised interests and must be able to independently demonstrate ‘fit’.

How We Work

Our office is in Delhi. Our team is mobile. We help students through a mix of in person meetings and online through Skype/video conference. We use email & telephone as our daily means of communicating with our students.
Our team visits our students in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai periodically to ensure some face - to - face connect to compliment email based and telephonic communication. Since our team is mobile, all meetings are by prior appointment only, and often following a telephonic discussion first to establish the need to meet, and agenda/discussion points.

We value your time and expect students to value ours. We are a highly specialised team making tremendous backend effort to ensure maximum value add to our students profiles through researching accurate universities, painstaking essay editing etc. Your satisfaction however is guaranteed.

Our clients work with as students. Both students and their families must ensure they treat us with complete respect. We are not vendors or service providers in that sense though we charge a counselling fee. If you are looking to be treated as a client with certain privileges such as continuously escalating feedback, demanding discounts, revisions, unreasonable modifications etc, and not as a student, you may not work with us.