Vikram Bhalla

Vikram, a counseling evangelist and visionary entrepreneur, is passionate about helping students. He has founded SAS with the sole objective of ensuring students applying to top international institutions receive the best possible advice with their applications, essays, interviews and more. He actively mentors students on an everyday basis acting as a catalyst to ensure they are prepared and confident to make a winning presentation to admissions committees.

SAS is a full service platform that helps students with Platinum, Premium and Partner counseling services. SAS is a premier service provider aimed at the discerning individual who wants to be empowered to ace the challenges associated with being a successful applicant.
Vikram has traveled extensively visiting universities in the United States, Canada, UK, Singapore, HK and other top study destinations to develop an inside view of what institutions seek in international students. He has attended counselor training sessions held by Ivy League graduates, workshops at international conferences like NAFSA, and university information sessions on campus and online to develop and refine his counseling and editing practice.

Vikram has an enviable track record of placing students in the Ivy League, NYU, Michigan, Ox-Bridge, LSE, LBS, INSEAD, NUS, NTU, HKUST, ISB and other top international institutions. He is on a personal mission to ensure SAS students receive high quality admissions counseling.

Aparna S Bhalla

Aparna is a celebrated counselor with 10 years of counselling experience. She has helped her students get admitted to leading international universities and business schools ranging from Ivy-League, Ox-Bridge, LBS, INSEAD, and closer home to ISB, NUS, NTU, HKUST et al. Many received scholarships and financial assistance.

As a co-founder at Altura SAS, Aparna mentors MBA, under-graduate and graduate applicants helping them get access to the higher education they aspire for.To augment her skill set and add greater value to students, she is concurrently pursuing MA in Career Development at Warwick University UK. Her first degree was in History at Lady Shriram College followed by a year’s international education experience in Switzerland.

Aparna’s students describe her as ‘a powerful counselor’, ‘tremendous motivator’ with a ‘no nonsense approach helping them apply qualitatively and in a timely manner’.

Pooja Juyal

Pooja is a education counselor with over 9 years of counselling experience in which she has amassed concrete knowledge in admission procedures of universities and programs all round the globe. She has helped her students get admitted to numerous reputed universities and business schools ranging from Ivy-Leagues, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, LBS, HEC, LSE, University of Michigan, ISB and many more.

Pooja mentors her students and helps them to choose schools and programs most relevant to their aspirations and past experiences.She is a very dedicated counselor and most of her students describe her as "motivating" and "very approachable" . She helps her students apply in the most effective and timely manner which resulted in most of them getting scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.

Shruti Ananthpadmanabha

Shruti has over 10 years’ experience in the Study Abroad counseling industry. Apart from her intrinsic knowledge of the university admissions process, she is a prolific writer and mentor for both students and professionals.

Her articles on various facets of studying abroad have appeared for several years in The Business World magazine. As a certified Master Trainer, she has not only trained but also developed and co-authored several training resources needed in the study abroad domain. Shruti has a Masters Degree in Endocrinology from the University of Mumbai.

Tina Saha

Tina is a corporate professional with two decades of experience. In her free time, she is an artist and has several masterpiece paintings to her credit.
She brings on board a wealth of business and corporate experience in report writing and editing which helps our students represent their profiles better to the admissions committee. She introduces an artistic flair and creative edge to her students documents.Type your paragraph here.

Gopikiran Gajula

After completing his MBA in Dubai, Gopi worked in the admissions department of a leading international business school as an Associate Director for 5 years, evaluating applications, interviewing applicants, and admitting qualified candidates. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Education from Brock University Canada whilst assisting students with their essay editing.

Ramya Krishna

Ramya is a committed professional with a passion to provide exceptional service. She has several years of experience in shortlisting universities based on individual student profiles, and commands expertise in application filling and courier preparation of supporting materials. She assists our students and their parents selflessly in the application process.

Our Team

Altura Study Abroad Solutions is a boutique admissions counselling firm. ‘Altura’ is a Spanish word that means ‘higher altitude and nobleness’. Our service standards and professionalism place us in a higher echelon. This makes us the preferred admissions counselor for ambitious students, high merit individuals, and those from distinguished families who seek extremely individualised support.
We provide highly customized assistance to Undergraduate, MBA, and Graduate School applicants. Our former students are currently studying in or have graduated from top institutions in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.
Our staff are pioneers of the premium counselling business in India. We work with a small number of students in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and other cities. We are flexible and quality driven and ensure our students make the best possible applications to stand out in the admissions process.

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